Sunday, May 15, 2011

Isreal, and Rome...

I had a Cam-corder, It is an old fashion movie camera. I used it everywhere I traveled to. So all 29 of us boarded the Plane for Rome, and Israel. Soon as this plane left American Soil, the smokers started lighting up!!! It was truly the 1st smoke less flight I had ever gone on. It was horrible.. I was so distracted by the odor, every second, click , click.. I am the worst reformed smoker ever!! So, we get to our destination and Hotel, and we are going to go on tour in a Tour bus along the Hi-ways of Italy!!! My Family is from Italy.. I was just fascinated. We,spent  5-6 days there, and then we were to be on our way to Tel-viv.. to walk where Jesus walked ! In -credible!!!! So, I will get to that later too.. We, had our fill of Tel-aviv , and we were in the airport ready to get on the bus that takes you to the plane , right? I remember as we were waiting and gathering, these 2 guys with turbans get on board, carrying these long, black sacks, the kind you carry soccer balls in, holding on tight to them to there chests. When outta no where some says I wonder what they a have in there? And some woman with  her accent says BOMBS, they probably have Bombs OOH No I said No, that's  getting extreme, being I am an American, I had seen the lighter side of those blk bags...being she has lived and breathed her Country full of 'That " she was for real!!! Well, Thank-God the Airlines had there eye on them too!!! We had 29 ppl. and I was thinking we could tackle them, if we had to, so I started to film the deputy;s outside the plane talking, and then they boarded also. Well, these 2 guys, were wreaking havoc, They began to Yell, and curse at me and  another lady, she understood them, and told me not to look at them, and She said "If I were you I would move, they don't like you .. I was not offended. I have brothers and sisters, and friends that did like me either, so I just moved back a row to the last seat in the plane,next to the Asst Pastor. We chatted, about these guys , and they were stripping down to bare skin, and I was filming them, and they were blowing smoke in the passengers faces, and going around looking for things to take, So I put the camera down in my carry-on, and watched, them .. They sat down when food was being served, and when they received there tray, they slammed it under the seat, and began ranting again, around and around, I rose up, and told Pastor, I was going to the bathroom, and I hoped when I came out there was no wholes in the side of the,,,,Well, when I came back out, I noticed the cabinet door open above my head, and asked why? Pastor said look,motioning over to the right, he said they had them guys hand-cuffed, and sedated, leaning over the flight-attendants seats, Pastor, said the Sodium-panathyol, and needles were above my head, and all in the moment I was gone , they got real,perverted, and the Marshall's seen, ...they finally took action.. Yes I still have the VHS tape. I need to get it on a DVD, and send it to the FBI.. lol So, with all that, we spent a nother 2 days in a "5 star Hotel in Roma" With roaches so big, you could see them crawling on your pillow in the moon lite... Yuk!!! Huge.  I was roomies with 2 ladies from Jericho,Israel,who were American citizens. They woke up, just slammed their flip flops on them. I still see them in there bare feet n nite-gowns killing these big bugs.  Well , aside the fact I found out a Mocha Cappiciano was invented in Europe, well,Rome anyway,. I tried to order one and sue and I got a cup of pudding mix before it is horrible.. cu2morrow!!

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